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Terms and conditions.

1) Whoever is caught Insulting or disqualifying anyone saying obscenities on the server will be penalized without warning.

2) You must not use tools to hack, cheat or exploit server bug for personal gain, if you are caught you will be penalized without notice.

3) Contact us if you want to speak to a manager.

4) It will be penalized to the users who will be advertising other servers in the game.

5) No one is allow say it's GM or Admin in order to steal or defraud another user, if this is happening to a player not don't believe them. In this server there is non administrators, moderators or GM,whatever they do or say do not believe them because in this server we don't have them.

Remember! It is completely automatic, Don't give your password of your account or lend your items to anyone, and if they threatens to your account venue not believe it, be carefulbecause fraudsters players offering you full items and reset, tempting to believe that you will get all that and so convincing you give your items or clues to his account, so do not answer,just ignore it.

6) If you wish to donate read, the donation rules in your account and if you donate is because you are accepting those rules and the server rules.

7) If you ask for help on the Server, do not expect anyone to help you, is not required that you have a right or duty to others.

8) If you make a trade with someone else, be sure of what you are doing, because if you give cash or an item to another player and both agree, it will be a trade and the item willbelong to the receiver, no matter what, but whoever pretends to misunderstand this rule and use it with bad intentions your account will be permanently banned.

9) Do not try to skip the rules with ant justification, that will cost the deletion of your account no matter how much you have donated or played there.

10) Donations are not refundable, if you donate is your own responsibility and consequences, and it is clear that the money will not be returned. We won't accept any excuse.

11) If you buy credits for any recharge method available and you are under age,we will assume that you have the consent of your parents to do so.

12) The server does not accept recharging phone cards or any other type of fake money.

13) Not knowing the policies and terms of use, will not be a valid reason to apply sanctions for violating them.

14) The server will not exchange items for others or accept them as part payment on items already purchased, donated or trade-off.

15) If a user is involved in server administration events by raffling items and dodging or taking public authority of any kind, it will be immediately punished without asking.

If you want to make public events or donations of items, you will have to notify us via emails to avoid problems.

16) Is strictly forbidden to do business card balance, both user accounts will be penalized without asking.

If this happens to you, Do not bother to report it, because it will be penalized and taken away from you and your counterpart.

17) The only official website is FortressWOW on Facebook: Facebook Fortresswow and it will be the only place where news of the server status will be posted.

FortressWOW have the rights to post all about the Server Web and it won't be responsible for wrong, distorted or fake information post on Facebook pages or other forums that aren't the previous named above.

18) If the Server posts an article, state, survey, etc. it will be posted on the official Facebook page, if a user does not see or receive the information the server is not responsible,does not accept claims for misinformation or misunderstanding

19) Trade-off items in the game do not have any guaranteed, even if they are created in the game or loaded with cash, from the moment a user's trade or lend an item it lose the guarantee.

20) It is strictly forbidden to provide credentials or keys of your account or receive from others, these are non-transferable if you do this you can get the immediate elimination of the accounts involved.

21) It is strictly forbidden to refer with racism, rudeness and any other type of bullying to another user on the server, the violation of this rule will cause the blocking and deletion of your account,this rule aplys also to players that have already purchased any credit.

22) Donors users do not have any immunity or right to violate any rule or policy of the server, any violation of the rules and violation of the reload policy,will apply the same sanctions as users not donors.

23) The server shall terminate any account that has characters with names sexual or racist words in any language,in fact, the server will terminate any account that has a name that the server considers inappropriate.

24) Server internal information, management and operation are reserved for safety, will not be any informationother than the one seen in the functions of the web, in both the public and the user area.

25) The server will decide the game-mode and this includes everything about what they spend in the SUBSERVER, and it will be the only one who will have the power to change it and decide on it either for some problem with the server or security of the players.

26) If you create an account on the server, it means that you accepted all of FortressWOW rules and regulations.

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